La Maison Usseau



La Maison Usseau
lieu-dit Usseau, 2 route de Sommant
71540 Lucenay L’Évèque

This is a beautiful route where you can see the wide surroundings from highlights in the landscape.


The landscape is varied, along enormous boulders, through steep roads you discover the Uchon region.


There is a route ready in La Maison Usseau.

The total travel time from our house is 1 hour 43 minutes (79 km). But then you drive 1 piece through and that is not recommended. Get out of your car, walk and enjoy the many views.


But also make a stop at a nice restaurant for a refreshment or a déjeuner.


Uchon dates from the Middle Ages and is also called the ‘pearl of the Morvan’. The church of Saint Roche (12th century) is built on the huge granite boulders. At that time, thousands of pilgrims came to pray for protection against the plague.